Macau loan sharks on their way to new homes in jail

Macau law enforcement officials warned that they would start cracking down on loans and other gambling-related activities, and they were not left behind in their efforts. Last February, 71 people were arrested for illegally lending to players, and all law enforcement agencies take their responsibilities very seriously. Those who would try to take advantage of players have been warned and will now pay the price. In the latest round of court action, more than two dozen people are getting new homes with essentially no more than three hots and a cot as they make their way to jail.

Twenty-five people were sentenced to prison terms ranging from four months to 16 years for their involvement in illegal loans, China’s Macao Daily News reported. All are said to have been involved in a massive scheme from 2016 and will now be able to figure out how to offer their services for cigarettes and pills while behind bars.

The program was reportedly run by a 46-year-old man from Hong Kong. He received the harshest sentence and will spend the next 16 years in prison. As if making a big difference, he was also banned from entering macau gaming properties for 20 years. He was found guilty of 32 counts of illegal activity, including temporary work and organised crime.

Six other members of the gang come to him with sentences of between eight and ten years. They were found to have been involved in or supporting organised crime, lending, the operation of illegal gambling and other crimes, and how their fearless leader was macau for 10 to 20 years Casino Black Book of Macau.

Twenty-seven people had to appear before a judge, but two could end with nothing more than a reminder of their torment. These 27 account for a total of 295 cases of credit haiing that are said to have occurred in Macau in the first six months of this year – the figure could be higher as not all instances are included in official lists. This is an increase of 16.1 compared to what was reported in the same period last year, but prosecutions are paying off. According to a report from the beginning of September, crime in the city had decreased as a result of increased intervention. Through joint operations with Hong Kong and Guangdong, the Macau authorities arrested 812 people within two months for their involvement in prostitution, credit accumulation and illegal exchange of foreign exchange.

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