About Us

Online betting is a kind of entertainment, bet-bonus-code.com we want to make sure that everyone has a good online gambling experience. Our mission is to test and review all bookmakers on the Internet for valuable contributions to improve your online betting experience.

Bet-bonus-code.com is part of a large network that provides information in 20 different countries. The UK, Germany, Denmark, Sweden and Poland are among the biggest markets for online gambling, but on the web we also try to emerge in smaller markets because we want to help as many people as possible and improve their betting experience.

The business model

Resources are needed to provide in-depth reviews and valuable articles about online gambling. At bet-bonus-code.com, we provide the necessary resources to achieve our goals through the use of affiliate marketing. In short, we have agreements with individual companies, which means that if one of our readers decides to become a member of one of the companies reviewed on our site, we will be compensated.

To prevent the business model from having an impact on the content of bet-bonus-code.com, we’ve introduced a clear editorial line that you can learn more about later.

How does affiliate marketing work?

Affiliate marketing is one of the most widely used business models on the internet. When Company B sends the customer to Company A, it pays Company A the agreed amount. In short, when Leovegs or other bookmakers receive a new member referred from the site, bet-bonus-code.com receive payment.

For many companies, this is an attractive business model because they only pay for the traffic they actually receive. Affiliate marketing is much more efficient than TV ads, where companies spend a lot of money getting 15 seconds of time in prime time without a single new customer.

In the following diagram, we show how the business model works.

Editorial line

The gaming industry is large and in many cases lacks transparency. Therefore, we are very cautious when choosing the themes and bookmakers mentioned on our website.

Less is more

There are many online bookmakers, but not all of them are mentioned on bet-bonus-code.com. In order for quality to precede quantity, we make many conscious refusals.

We test all bookmakers, but we only review bookmakers that offer consistent and reliable products. If a bookmaker does not offer a good product, has a problem with customer service or makes unreasonable demands on its customers, it will not be reviewed on our website.

We make a lot of subjective decisions, but with a good understanding of the gaming industry, we believe we are one of the best options for choosing which bookmakers we should discuss. The bookmakers we review are selected based on industry insights as well as personal experience, the latest UK media and the experience of customers and bookmakers.


On bet-bonus-code.com, we use an affiliate business model, which means that whenever a bookmaker gets a new membership from us, we get paid. However, payment will not affect the selection and content of our reviews. As mentioned in the previous section, if the bookmaker does not provide satisfactory service, we reserve the right to refuse them. This helps keep our comments fair and reliable.

Thematic content

We think our job is to add more value to the gaming industry. That’s why we’ve developed a wide range of guides that bring more value to sports betting and give readers a better understanding of betting on sports and events. We also produce themed articles that provide interesting and alternative perspectives for the gaming industry.